Italy is long regarded as the quintessential fashion center of the world with Italian designer clothes, leather and accessories brands and Italian wine and food delicacies being coveted worldwide. Naturally for travelers from all over the world besides the grandeur of historical sites and natural splendor in spectacular Italian beaches and mountainsides, shopping continues to be one of the heartfelt aspirations accompanying an Italian tour. For taking a souvenir that introduces Italy in all its originality there are plenty of choices, from farm fresh Italian delicacies to fashion garments to leather bags and accessories to Italian designed jewelries to world famous Italian wines or Italian boutique furniture with gorgeous design.

Italy is truly a shopper’s paradise and this is the place for your most ambitious shopping holiday to take place. Though Italy can be quite expensive especially because of the leaner conversion rate of the Euro, any shopping activity as simple as buying a bottle of traditional Italian wine to buying a small designer handbag can be worth a lifetime memory.

Italian delicacies to bring home


An abundance of food delicacies is quite a remarkable aspect of Italian life and you can find an unmatched variety of farm fresh cheese, salami, ham, Italian olive oil varieties and fresh Mediterranean vegetables across Italy, particularly in the province of Tuscany which is regarded as Italy’s food capital.

In buying Italian food on your Italian holiday choose those that have a long shelf life. Some of the famous Tuscan delicacies with longer shelf life include Porcini Mushrooms, Truffles (an assortment for pasta), Tuscan salamy, Mozzarella cheese, Castaganaccio (a variety of chestnut cake), Cantucci Biscuits (biscuits with dry almond stuffing), etc. Other famous Italian delicacies that you can consider to buy include Rosetta bread from Milan, Vermicelli pasta and a selection of different pasta shapes (It is literally a world of pasta to choose from!), Parmesan cheese, extra virgin olive oil from Florence, Confetti (Italian candy variety), Gianduiotti (exquisite Italian chocolate) and many more.

Italian wine


Italy is known for its exquisite range of wines and it is one thing that you cannot leave Italy without. You will find vintage wines throughout Italy, but particularly Tuscan delicacies are considered the best. In Italy you can find an array of vintage wine firms with their own restaurants and in a tour around the countryside these are the best places to buy wines. Vin Santo, an exclusive desert wine, Grappa wine or any red wine variety from the land of Tuscany can be a prized possession as you are on your way back home.

Italian art pieces


Like its star studded museums with world famous artworks Italy is still the best place for buying art, even sometimes on a surprisingly thin budget. Art shops are there all over Italy, especially in cities that had traditionally been the cradle of artworks and artists like Rome, Venice and Florence. In most of these cities you have the option to buy great replicas of famous artworks. Buying artwork from Italy can be the best souvenir on your Italian holiday, but it is equally the most expensive item for a common traveler. Though throughout Italy you can find artists and studios selling copies of great masters, for a relatively fresh and original experience Venice is the best place. The city has the greatest reserve of amateur artists and antique stores and studios selling artworks in good price.

Fashion garments


Many of the worlds most coveted and famous fashion brands belong to Italy and for ages Italian design and fashion have been well known for their astounding craftwork, artistic sophistry and gorgeous taste. An Italian tour is incomplete without a look into the Italian fashion and going through the gorgeous fashion streets and shopping districts of Italy, in spite of the price tag you can wish to buy a thing or two.

To find top Italian fashion brands almost all in one place visiting the designer boutique shops in Via Condotti is almost imperative. The whole area including some adjoining streets like Via Borgognona, Piazza di Spagna, Via Tomacelli, Via Belsiana, Via Bocca di Leone, Via Gregoriana make the most gorgeous fashion shopping district of Rome with presence of world famous brands like Cartier, Brioni, Modigilani, Battistoni, Armani, Etro, Chanel, Emporto, Pomellato and many more. Venetian designed scarves is one item that you should not miss when you are in Venice. Italy is also famous for fashionable eyewear, but instead of going for those big brand names, rather you can choose from the handcrafted ones. There is a famous shop in Venice named Ottico Fabricatore with some exquisite collections of designer frames, it is really worth visiting.

Leather goods


One of the most coveted Italian fashion symbols all over the world are Italian shoes. Italy is known for its finest quality handcrafted shoes and on your Italian holidays this is one area that gives you a star studded range of options to choose from. From the likes of Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana to designer shoes and leather accessory brands like Bruno Maghli, Giovanna Zanella Caeghara, you can find them all on Rome’s fashion streets, especially in Piazza de Spagna. There is no other place in the world you can find such an exquisite range of high quality shoes and leather goods. Please beware of cheap imitations of big brands and instead of relying on the street vendors go for the flagship stores or reputed multi brand stores.

Exotic glassware and porcelain


For thousands of years Italy is known for its designed chinaware, glassware and porcelain art and there are very few museums in Italy who doesn’t have a fine collection of them. This great lineage is still reflected in antique markets and you will find them in spades especially in Venice, Rome and Florence. If you want to find an exclusive collection of pottery items Florence is the best place for for you. Venetian glass, porcelain and other antiques are particularly famous. You will not always have to pay a premium piece for Murano glass jewelry or an ntique mask, but you need to get around the shopping street a lot to come out with a good bargain. Famous venetian antiques that you can consider to buy include Murano glass jewelry, Murano glass antique showpieces or vases, designed ceramic masks or quintessentially Venetian Carnevale masks, Delicately designed lacework of Burano, etc. For a better shopping experience you should plan your Italy tour and visit Venice at the time of the antique fair that takes place three times a year, in April, September and before Christmas.

In our escorted Italy tour, our local guide will guide you to the best places to shop in Italy, with additional car rental as a value added service, to bring the best goods from Italy for you and your family.