Florence Baptistery

Florence Baptistery or Baptistery di San Giovanni is a classical octagon shaped church in Florence famous for its extensive artistic architectural décor, murals, excavations and large wall paintings and dome decorations based on the biblical figures and gospels. It is widely held as one of the most revered architectural marvels from the Middle Age that survived thousands of years to this day. This stupendous building in each and every of its parts is endowed with a most astounding range of artistic display including delicate mosaic décor, intricately designed vaults, engraving using setting colored stones, huge wall paintings and murals and much more. Thanks to the baffling splendor of its artistic décor it is unquestionably a must see place across a Florence tour itinerary.




The history of this stupendous work of architecture goes back to the time when Christianity did not arrive in Europe and by some historical account it is believed that this in the beginning was a Roman temple dedicated to the pagan god of Mars. A chronicler of no scholarly background Giovanni Villani mentioned this in the fourteenth century history of Florence. The present structure in its elegance and size was first conceived and given shape in the eleventh century in quintessentially Romanesque style.



Florence Baptistery is truly a place to soak up the brilliance of medieval works of religiously themed arts and architecture. From an exterior view the octagonal structure with many layers and structures of geometrical precision is sure to mesmerize you at first sight of this stupendous building. The Gate of Paradise, a large door with excavated artwork in bronze is considered a major attraction. Ten separate panels of the door depicting different mythical characters and incidences from the Bible are really astonishing in artistic brilliance. The mosaic artwork in the ceiling is another brilliant piece of art. The marble inlay depicting astronomical knowledge of the then people of Florence in an artistic design can be seen in the north door of the baptistery. Bronze work on the panels of the south door depicting Biblical themes in exquisite detail is another important thing to see. Such a huge collection of artistic decoration elevated by the architectural brilliance made this a must see destination for people reveling in a Florence holidays.

Important Things To Know

Florence Baptistery is located in the heart of the Florence City, just next to the famous Florence cathedral or Duomo. The place remains open for visitors from midday noon to 6.30 pm on all weekdays and from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm on Sunday. The ticket for the visitors is priced at E 3 and for children under the age of 6 the entry is free.

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