Forte di Belvedere

Once history of Europe and the world was given its shape by the great Roman Empire and from Middle Ages to Renaissance erstwhile Rome or present land of Italy had been at the center of cultural, economic, social and political life and struggle of whole west for quite a long time and the gorgeous city of Florence was one of the few cities in the entire west to continue as the torch bearer of this era of history and so a Italy tour itinerary is practically impossible without Florence and its array of architectural marvels in it. Forte di Belvedere, biggest fortress in Florence is another attraction that you must visit in your Florence tour, not just because of a historical time travel within the shadows of the yesteryears relics, but mainly because of experiencing the marvels of architectural brilliance when this huge fortress was built in the sixteenth century. History is recaptured and enlivened all through the city of Florence in its well preserved great museums, castles and fortresses, but only a handful of them can be considered worth a lifetime memory and undoubtedly this gigantic fortress are long considered to be one among them.

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Historical Importance

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This grand fortress apart from its dizzying sights that provide a view of almost the entire Florence city from a height is a place where a piece of political strife in sixteenth century Italy is immortalized through this giant fortress. It was built by the Grand Duke Ferdinando L de Medici during the end of the sixteenth century, precisely in the period of 1690-1695. The purpose of building this huge fortress was primarily to protect the city of Florence from the powerful rule of Medici family and from a military point of view the fortress is located at the most strategic point of the city overlooking almost the entire city and surrounding area. From many such fortresses and battles the history of Europe and subsequent world was shaped and so in walking the sprawling courtyard, facades or terrace of Forte di Belvedere you will always have that sense of being followed by the silhouettes of yesteryears brave warriors. Without visiting this fort you cannot understand the city’s history in its political and military entirety and so you cannot leave aside this place from your Florence tour plan.

The architecture and the landmarks

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You always thought about museums and artworks to be at the center of your cherished Italy tour only until you visit the grand fortresses across Italy that are no less reminiscent of the grandeur of history. Why Forte di Belvedere is irreplaceable for anyone in Florence tour you will understand as soon as you get inside this mammoth of a stone edifice. From this fort you can have the spectacular view of the whole city of Florence. Buildings are used now to exhibit and hold works of art and it is also a venue for modern or contemporary sculpture exhibitions in the city making it doubly interesting if you happen to be present in such an occasion. Passage to the adjoining Pitti Palace is a marvelous walk while looking over the expanse of the landscape and the Florence city. Boboli gardens is another adjoining site of great landscape beauty with verdant greenery and numerous open air sculptures of some of the best known artists of Italy. Together with the fort, palace and this sprawling garden and the open air sculptures the entire place is sure to become a memorable day long trip in your Italy Holidays.

Important things to know

Forte di Belvedere is open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily except for the winter months it closes at 6. P.m. The ticket price for visiting Boboli garden and Pitti Palace comes for E 7.00 and E 3.50 respectively as full price and reduced price. Opening time for all three places are almost same except the closure is much earlier for Boboli Garden (in summer it is 6.30. p.m. and in winter it is only 4.30 p.m.). Please check out the timings according to the time of your visit and tour itinerary. The best weather condition for your Florence tour or for that matter a full Italy tour is obviously the summer months which begin from middle of august in Italy, but that is also the peak season making your movement slightly uncomfortable with the heavy rush of tourists everywhere you visit. So another alternative can be late April or May when the weather is fantastic and though it is as well popular as a season for touring is not particularly a peak season.

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