Mercato Centrale

To designate Mercato Centrale only as a great place for buying authentic Italian food is rather cutting off much significance that this place offers. In your entire Italy tour you cannot come across much place that have infused the typical hippy feeling street side Italian lifestyle with authentic and gorgeous Italian aristocratic taste so fluidly in one gigantic marketplace. This great marketplace remained always undervalued compared to the so called historic sites and museums, yet to introduce to the authentic Italian lifestyle there is no better place than Mercato Centrale with its grand array of open market stalls showcasing all traditional Italian foods, famous Italian wine, fresh vegetables from the countryside, Italian delicacies that you heard of world over yet never encountered in such magnitude of choices and volumes and before you know you are completely overwhelmed by the quintessentially Italian tastes and moods in Florence.

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The Location and the area that it dominates

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This huge cast iron and glass vault market hall with hundreds of open air stalls displaying the variety of goods in all colors offers a journey inside the Italian way of life that Mercato Centrale is so famous of. It is the biggest marketplace in Florence and although supermarkets and new age malls are pacing out the traditional markets in competition, it still remains a hot favorite for locals and tourists alike, especially for buying authentic delicacies or fresh culinary ingredients. Mercato Centrale dominates the busy city district of San Lorenzo and its stupendous cast iron hall with glass framing houses more than hundreds of shop owners with their most diverse range of offerings. Among the people in Italy tour from all parts of the globe it is considered a landmark to visit.

Specialties you may find interesting

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Florence is in the famous Italian province of Tuscany which is famous well known for its natural produces, fruits, vegetables, wines and cheese and naturally your Florence tour just cannot be complete with this array of delicacies that this province offers.

While Tuscan wines and cheese are hot favorite to attract your attention you must not forget to buy typical local Tuscan snacks like Lampredotto and Budelline. Though perishable, a small bucket of fresh local flowers just looks enough tempting to take away to your hotel room as a gift from this place. While lower floor stalls sale meat, sausage, cheese and snacks, in the upper floor stalls fresh vegetables and flowers are sold. Tuscany produces a great variety of edible mushrooms which are available here. Other fresh local vegetables from the countryside of Tuscany are always a delight for the eyes.

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