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Milan is well known for being rich in heritage as well as business, people coming for business purpose stay overnight to enjoy the beauty of Milan and those coming for travelling stay for many days. Hence, the tourism industry is well organized and qualitative.

Attractions Of Milan

The visitors love to see the forts and castles and experience the mysterious and extremely strong construction of ancient times. The huge castles give an amazing trip of ancient culture where people see a good combination of perfect art and strong construction. Churches, Palaces, Villas and Castles have the beauty that makes this industrial city full of heritage and the mysterious feeling that stays for a lifetime in the memories.

Though Milan is famous for its nightlife, the nature around it makes the day a good leisure and fun. Especially the lakes that are nearby make the visitors stay more days in Milan.

Connoisseur’s Milan: Food, Life And Culture


For the food lovers, Tours to Milan can add some new tastes to the tongue. Usually, Pizzas are preferred in Italy but Milan has its special dishes. They use butter, meat and rice as the main ingredients. They offer many dishes you should taste for sure. Risotto alla Milanese is a dish made of rice, Panettone is a kind of bread used on Christmas while Cotolleta is a kind of bread with meat toppings. Milan owns many domestic and international fashion stores that are world famous. Along with modern malls and fashion streets, it has world’s oldest mall, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Milan is famous for fashion and interior. The home wares have the same use everywhere but their look makes the tradition. You may take the heritage of Milan to your home in way of its interior, designs, jewellery and the taste of wine. There is a rich experience of leather industry in Milan Shopping streets. Milan is a city of work.

Leisure And Pleasures That Milan Offers


The Celtic Insubres established Milan in 400 BC. It was under the control of Roman Empire and became capital of the western empire. For years long, it was controlled by Rome. Today, it is the second biggest city of Italy following Rome at first. The Roman culture has a great impact on Milan. Even after being vanished in wars, Milan revived with greater pace and today it is one of the strongest economies along with rich heritage.

Many people come here for business but that is just a part. Many things attract visitors. The famous museums and art galleries are making Milan a place of attraction for art lovers. One of the best pictures of Leonardo da Vinci, the last supper, is here. The Duomo and Piazza are the centre attraction while San Siro stadium, the Teatro alla Scala, art galleries like Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and Pinacoteca di Brera are amazing places.

Milan is not just about scene but also about listening – listening Opera. Hosting the famous Opera house La Scala, Milan also has various theatres that are famous worldwide. Our Holiday Package to Milan involves a tour that includes most of the famous places that you would like to discover.

Milan With Us

Who Are We?

Top travel is an Australian based travelling agency that has achieved expertise in Tours to Milan for many years. We provide the best sight scenes and provide the best facilities to our clients. Our motto is to serve our clients with the amazing experience of exploring the mysterious beauty of Milan. We have arranged many tours to Italy and various cities.

Milan is a place where many things can be found, just as the mysterious Leonardo’s – The Last supper. We keep on exploring these places and provide you novel things apart from usual packages.

What Do We Offer?

Milan Holidays may be for business purpose as it is a big industrial city and we understand the need of quality in business even if it is a one-day visit. Generally, people love Milan after their office hours because Milan is famous for its nights. We also have knowledge of shopping streets of Milan and we know where you get the best. Milan is forward in fashion and design and we get you the best of them. Simply saying, we let you bring best of Milan to home at the right price and quality from your Milan Holidays.

  • We arrange Tours to Milan and various cities of Italy. We have a large amount of services in our offering list.
  • Starting from the journey from Australia to Italy, we offer you the best accommodations taking care of your pocket and comfort.
  • Milan has variety of Hotels from lowest to highest according to ratings and we offer you Holiday Package to Milan that give you best of them suiting to your demand.
  • We also provide Tours to Milan in a way that you can explore the best places and cover most of things within the time.
  • We are always with you to help and allow you to enjoy your Holidays well.
  • Our guides provide the guidance and tell you the historical part that makes the journey more exciting and you can easily understand and enjoy the hidden beauty of Milan.
  • We offer a good range of travelling and accommodations with travel insurance.
  • We provide you short and long Tours to Milan depending upon the requirement and make arrangements such as official tours, couple-tours as well as family Holiday Package to Milan.

Why Travel Milan With Us

Many travelling agencies provide Tours to Milan. We are one of the best in providing Milan Holidays with the best holiday packages. We provide various packages. We take care of the customer’s budget as well as the quality. While you travel with us, you can rest assured that you will not face any trouble and will enjoy a lifetime’s worth vacation. Our satisfied clients may tell you.

  • Places to visit in Milan

Services we offer in


We offer you the quality stay in Milan. Milan Holidays will not tire you until return journey because we offer you the best accommodations. With our experience, we have found the best places to stay in Milan at different price ranges and accordingly we prepared Holiday Package to Milan. Our accommodation facilities differ in the number of services depending on what you choose in package. A single night stay, a long tour, a couple rooms or a family suite; everything is on the list. You just need to choose your package.


We are already in connection with the airlines that take you to Milan. When you book the airlines with us, you save your time and energy at the same cost. You do not need to run here and there, we simply book your tickets and add that in our Holiday Package to Milan. We have connections with good airlines providing good quality. You also do not face any problem at airport. We guide you in clearing all the necessities at both the airports.

Car Rentals

We also offer car rental services to you for visiting different places at your convenience. We have arrangements that will provide you easy travelling at fair cost. You do not need to confuse in buses and train services and miss the beautiful ways of Milan. You may also take help of driver in finding places and make your own plans at any moment. Travelling in a car is better than public transportation. You may rely upon the services and be safe in Milan.


We also arrange for travel insurances. While travelling in a different country, travel insurance is very important. Travel insurance covers various safety points such as your medical expenses, valuables losses, visa problems abroad etc. Travel insurance gets ready in little time and you may get various other benefits such as domestic embassy in foreign nation would help you in trouble, provide you proper assistance and help you in currency exchange confusions.

Travel insurance would help you in any case. In spite of our services, we always recommend travel insurance for any uncertainty because our main aim is your safety and ease.

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