For travelers who love to explore the rich art and culture, Herculaneum, also known as Ercolano in Italian, is the ideal destination to visit during your Naples holiday. It is situated a few miles from Pompeii, almost 150 miles south of Rome, in proximity to Naples. Herculaneum is a buried Roman city that has been radically preserved as excavated. Today, it is one of the top five archaeological sites near Naples, with regular tours taking you up to Mount Vesuvius from the railway station at Ercolano. Being located close to Pompeii, you can buy combined tickets to both Ercolano and Pompeii, enjoying the vast archaeological wonders that these two renowned sightseeing places have to present.


Peep into Ancient Roman Lifestyle


Herculaneum gives you a thoughtful idea about the lifestyle of the ancient Romans. Nestled amidst volcanic rock, the archaeology site also presents an idea of the magnitude of volcanic eruption that caused the city to bury under ashes. It is far more a better attraction than Pompeii in the way that it is less congested with tourists, thus, giving you ample time to explore the buried Roman city. Discover the touch of ancient Roman lifestyle in every nook and corner, adding to the exuberance and zeal of your Naples tour. From the renowned archaeological sites to the houses, every element at Herculaneum has the charm of the true Roman lifestyle.

What to See in Herculaneum?


On your tour to Herculaneum, discover The Ruins of Herculaneum, which is the representation of ancient Roman lifestyle and charm. Make sure that you see the prominent sites amidst the ruins such as the House of Neptune and Amphitrite, the Baths, Samnite House, the House of the Deer, the Gymnasium, the College of the Augustales, and the House of the Beautiful Courtyard. Another prominent tourist attraction here is the Museo Archeologico Virtuale, an interactive museum that recreates the life as it was in Pompeii and Herculaneum before the volcanic eruption. It is the best way to learn about the lifestyle of the ancient Romans. Other top attractions are Villa Campolieto and Vesuvius Natural Reserve.

How to Visit Herculaneum?

Frequent buses travel to and from Naples to Herculaneum. If you wish to travel by car, the archaeology site is situated on the A3 Autostrada from Naples to Salerno. However, it is difficult finding parking in Herculaneum. The best way to reach Herculaneum is via Circumvesuviana trains. With the hub at Naples, it stretches to Sorrento, and it stops at Herculaneum. Trains are available twice an hour from 6 am. to 9.30 pm. When you get off at Herculaneum station, it is better that you walk till the archaeology site, which is only 10 minutes distance.

Ticket and Opening Hours

The admission fee to the Ruins of Herculaneum is €11. However, it is free for EU citizens under 18 years of age and over 65. It is cheaper if you buy a combined ticket to all the sites for €20, which includes Herculaneum, Pompeii, Stabia, Oplontis and Boscoreale. It is open daily except January 1, May 1, and December 25. Opening hours vary with different times of the season.

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