Galleria d’Arte Moderna

Who is not intrigued by the subtlety of modern art? Modern and contemporary art for some is a collage of incomprehensible symbols while for other it is the roadmap to modern soul. Still others feel they are a meaningless mumbo-jumbo. Whatever the worth or meaning of modern art it has a place of pride in the modern cultural scenario. Galleria d’Arte Moderna, which is also called Galleria Nazionale d’arte Moderna (GNAM) or The National Gallery of Modern Art is the most important art gallery dedicated to modern and contemporary art in the city of Rome. This art gallery showcases the other side or rather the other epoch in the history of art of Italy, and of course the world at large. While most of the tourist destinations, monuments, statues and buildings showcases the artistic flourish of the renaissance period, this gallery has a story to tell that is predominantly modern symbolizing our life and existential crisis. It showcases the masters of nineteenth and twentieth century including most of the great names of modern art like Cezanne, Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Kline. Its 75 rooms exhibit the largest collection of artworks in the whole of Italy and truly a must see spot in any tours to Rome.


Main attractions of the Art Gallery


Galleria d’Arte Moderna is one of the few exquisite art places that you would always cherish long afterwards your tour to Rome, so much so that coming out you can as well ask yourself how a Rome holiday worth at all without this spectacular gallery. It canvasses more than three thousand art works of repute and great worth which includes paintings, sculptures, engravings; where the visual art of nineteenth century up to the first half of the twentieth century is showcased to represent a dramatic shift from the theme, technique and the overall philosophy of the renaissance period. Great art movements had happened in the nineteenth century Europe and along with France, Italy can also boast of a substantial share in glory. As if this art gallery drives home the point that the history of art movement in Italy is not only about its proud achievements in the late middle age, but a living vibrant force in the cultural scenario of the continent. There are exhibits of Italian impressionist period and canvases of futurists like Boccioni and Balla. Not only the Italian artists, the international names in the modern and contemporary art like Degas, Cezanne, Pollock and Henry Moore are well represented here.

To come here is a lifetime experience for art lovers around the world in their tour to Rome and so this art gallery deserves patience and slow pace to explore from one frame to the other. There are paintings from the impressionist period, especially the paintings of Van Gogh, where one can stand and gaze and wonder at the passion and pain that etched such vibrant strokes in the canvass. Works of Pollock and Henry Moore are equally intriguing. You have to have time and if possible visit more than once, for a whole day is not enough to savour in such exquisite aesthetic experience.

Important things to know


As for admission fee to Galleria d’Arte Moderna it is 8 euro for adults and admission for children is free. The gallery remains open from 8.30 am to 7.30pm, Tuesday to Sunday. On Monday the gallery remains closed, so plan your Rome holiday itinerary accordingly to accommodate this must see place of modern art.

Best Time to Visit

In the month of August, which is officially the Italian summer, the rush of tourists are high and the crowd leads to long hours in queue. It is better to plan your Rome holiday and visit the pace in April May where the weather remains pleasant and you can relish the experience in peace and quiet.

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