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Stadio Olimpico, the largest and the main sports facility in Rome, which you can come across during your Italy tours. This has been the site for many triumphs and defeats in the sports arena. Its location is within the Foro Italico complex, standing tall on the northern side of this ancient city. The primary intention behind the development of this stadium is for hosting football events. However, from time to time concerts and events also occur at this fantastic venue.

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Construction of Stadio Olimpico started in 1928, during the time of Mussolini and his fascist regime. This structure was the centerpiece of this important sports complex Foro Italico. The first tier of this ambitious project finished during 1932. With the start of World War II, construction of second tier remained incomplete for the time being. Work resumed after December 1950.

Officially, the stadium opened to the public in 1953 on May 17. A match between Hungary and Italy kick-started the proceedings. The capacity of the stadium back then was approximately 100,000 people with the terrace seating arrangement. Restyling occurred many times through the subsequent years prominently once in 1990 and then again in 2008.

An ideal venue for the lovers of football in a ball-crazy country

For a country, which has grabbed the coveted world cup in football, more than once, it is natural that Stadio Olimpico designed for this ball game gets a major attention. During the 1960 Olympics, this fantastic stadium was the centerpiece. At that time, there were around fifty three thousand seats. The athletics event as well as closing/opening ceremonies for 1960 Olympic Games occurred here.

Other major events to occur here in chronological order include the 1968 Euro Championships and again in 1977, 1980, and 1984. After the world cup 1990 where Italy was the champion, the government decided to celebrate this victory with major refurbishment plans for Stadio Olimpico. It underwent a massive renovation and led to the building of a completely new stadium. The seating arrangements now increased to seventy four thousand.

Later on Stadio Olimpico went on to host two other finals of Champions League once in 1996 and 2009. In 2008, refurbishment of all the seats occurred again giving it, a new appearance, and this is how it stands presently. Stadio Olimpico at this time is the home ground of Roma and Lazio-related to Serie A.

Visiting Stadio Olimpico

Lottery outlets sell advanced tickets for matches related to Serie A. Club websites also provide information regarding the same. It is also possible to buy tickets online to catch a game during your holiday in Rome .

How to reach Stadio Olimpico

The location of Stadio Olimpico is towards the northern side of Rome, 4 Km away towards the north of Vatican City. Visitors can get here by car from Rome Ring Road through to N5 in the direction of Flaminia and then follow signs to reach Foro Italico. Alternatively, one can board Tram 2 Flaminio A metro stop. Other transportation means include Tram 225 and Buses 280 and 32.

Opening Hours

You can visit the stadium whenever the games are on and buy tickets to watch them.

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