The Imperial Forums

Situated between the Vittorio Emanuele II monument and Colosseum in Piazza Venezia, the Roman and Imperial Forums were once the heart of the Roman Empire and the late Republic.

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The Roman Forum, also known as Forum Romanum, was the heart of the city around which the ancient Rome was developed. It was the hub of business, commerce, cult, prostitution, justice, and administration, with spaces for religious activities and communalism. The prominent public square building was opened during 500 B.C, and was the home for some of the most important public buildings such as Arch of Septimius Severus and Roman Forum Rostra, and platforms for public speeches.

The Imperial Forums, on the other hand, comprise of a series of spectacular monumental public squares that were constructed during 46 BC and 113 AD. Situated to the side of the Roman Forum, across the Via dei Fori Imperiali road, it was an important center of politics and religion in Rome. The first of the Imperial Forums was built by Julius Caesar. Today, little remains of these forums; however, the splendid architectural buildings exemplify what it was like in Ancient Rome.A sightseeing tour to Rome must not finish without visiting the marvelous imperial forums which speak of a great Roman history.

The Ruins of Roman Forum

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The Roman Forum was meticulously designed by a prominent architect, Vitruvius, and represents many of Rome’s victories over the oriental tribes and prows of warships. The spectacular piece of art became a wonderful showcase of the ancient Roman Empire, with stunning architecture and beautiful statues. The prominent sites of the Roman Forum include the Temple of Saturn, Arch of Titus, the church of San Luca e Martina, and Temple of Vesta. All these were strategically linked through Sacra Via, the main road of the forum.

The Ever-imposing Imperial Forum

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The Imperial Forum was once a prominent center of city life, with emperors and eminent figures gathering here to discuss their beliefs about religion and politics or expound over the economy. There were separate rooms for education, religion, administration, and even trade and commerce. Unfortunately, during 1930s, Italian dictator Mussolini built the Via dei Fori Imperiali, the magnificent triumphal road across the Piazza Venezia and Colosseum. This caused a significant portion of the form to be covered with asphalt. Today, there are only two visible parts of the forum on either side of the boulevard.

The Imperial Forum consists of several prominent buildings namely Temple of Trajan, Temple of Venus, Column of Trajan, Forum of Trajan, Basilica Ulpia, Markets of Trajan, Forum of Caesar, Temple of Mars, Forum of Augustus, Temple of Nerva, Forum of Nerva, Temple of Peace, and Forum of Peace.

How to Get to Roman and Imperial Forums?

The best way to reach the Roman and Imperial Forums is the Metro Blue B Line: Colosseo.


Via Dei Fori Imperiali,
Between Colosseum and Vittorio Emanuele II monument in Piazza Venezia,
Entrance to Market of Trajan at Via IV Novembre, 94.

Opening Hours

The Roman and Imperial Forums are generally open daily from 9 am to sunset.


The ticket prices for Roman and Imperial Forums are 12 Euros, which also includes the Colosseum and Palatino. The ticket price for the museum with access to Trajan’s Market is 7 Euro.

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