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The hub of Roman Catholic Church, widely encompassing the Vatican City state and other Roman neighborhoods such as Monte Mario, Vaticano, and Prati, the Vatican is a small slice of the amazing city, packed with rich history and artwork.

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The origin of the Vatican may date back to 756 AD, though it has varied considerably over the decades. The Vatican, based in Rome, Italy, was exquisitely built over the tomb of renowned Saint Peter. Also known as Citta del Vaticano or the papal residence, the Vatican emerged as a sovereign state on enactment of the Lateran Treaty in 1929. This was marked by building a new road, the Via della Conciliazione, which leads from the St. Peter’s basilica to the Castel Sant’ Angelo monument that exemplifies the grimmer past of the city.

What to See in Vatican

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Despite being the smallest state of the world, the Vatican consists of eleven exquisite museums, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Library, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, and exotic Vatican Gardens.


Explore Rich Cultural Heritage with Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums were the initiative of two 18th century popes who were the first to open an exotic collection of art to the general public, thus, promoting culture and ethnicity. The first among the Vatican Museums, the Pio-Clementine Museum, was originally named after the two popes. Other prominent museums are the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, the Gregorian Etruscan Museum, the Vatican Pinacoteca, and Ethnological Missionary Museum. Other museums in the Vatican include Collection of Modern Religious Art, the Pio Christian Museum, Gregorian Profane Museum, and the Vatican Historical Museum.

Witness Magnificent Artwork of Michelangelo at Sistine Chapel

One of the glorious highlights of the Vatican Museums is the prominent Sistine Chapel, which not only hosts the magnificent artwork of Michelangelo, but also an array of wonderful artwork from other architects and painters.

Superb Grandeur and Exuberance at St. Peter’s Basilica

The prominent center of catholic world, this spectacular building with its stunning dome designed by Michelangelo features a superb interior that is simply awe-inspiring.

Lush Vatican Gardens will Melt your Heart

Exquisitely landscaped Vatican Gardens are one of the prime highlights of the St. Peter’s Basilica. Acres of sprawling gardens with a stunning panoramic view will simply make you weak in your knees.

The Spectacular St. Peter’s Piazza

Another spectacular site of the Vatican, the St. Peter’s Piazza is primarily an ellipse, with two stones on either side of the square between the fountains and the obelisk. When you step on either of the stones, the four magnificent columns of the colonnades merge into one to offer a stunning view. The fountains were built by two architects, Bernini and Maderno.

How to Visit the Vatican?

Visiting the Vatican is easy; thanks to a number of public transportation facilities and private coaches available. For Piazza del Risorgimento, take a tram or you can also take the Metro Line A and stop at Ottaviano for St. Peters. Otherwise, the Vatican is easily accessible by bus, taxi or foot from its closest neighborhood, Novana. You can take a bus from Termini and then walk along.

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