Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain, a stupendous baroque style fountain in the Trevi district of Rome is one such great site of splendor that must deserve a place in your Rome tour itinerary besides many others. Definitely if you are in a hurried tour to stay only a day or two in this city of historic marvels, you do not have much of option than to cover only the must see places that gave Rome its identity. Trevi fountain for many people seems to be enlivening a piece of history at its perfect poetic exposure amidst the regular clamors of an equally fast paced modern city like Rome. If few memories long afterwards serve you to return to Rome way down the memory lane, your time spent besides this mesmerizing fountain must be there.

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Historical importance

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Besides the so called architectural splendor and splendid art pieces surrounding the water, Trevi fountain showcases a great historical lineage that dates back to ancient Rome. According to historical accounts in 19 BC the city architects of Rome with the help of a virgin located the source of pure water a few kilometers away from the main city and this famous fountain was given a great architectural design with several statues and artistic engravings in the year 1732 by a papal commission and was designed and built by the then great Roman architect Nicola Salvi. It remained unfinished when Salvi died and most of the fountain as it stands today has been completed much later. The principal figure of oceanic god who has been set in central place was completed much later in 1762 long after Salvi’s death by the sculptor Pietro Bracci and the same year the fountain became completed Giuseppe Pannini and from then on Trevi fountain remain as one of the historical landmarks that the city can boast off.

The architecture and works of art

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Trevi fountain is located at the junction of three roads at a city district of Rome of the same name. Until you have full frontal glimpse of the entire fountain side with its exquisitely lively mythological figures you cannot just judge what wonder is awaiting for you. The figure of Neptune, the gigantic oceanic god and its two tritons on both sides demand your sincere artistic appraisal. The gigantic mythological figures having a lively expression, vigor and candid display of their strength remind you of the quintessentially Roman heroism and traditions that are rooted into ancient myth. Visiting Trevi fountain you can also succumb to one popular myth that says one who throws coins in the fountain returns to the city again.

How to reach?

Termini station is the gateway to reach Trevi neighborhoods. The station is also a hub of buses to travel to all parts of the city. Cabs are also available from here to reach Trevi fountain. There is no entry fee to visit this open air fountain in a junction of three roads and in the afternoon glow and thereafter when the lights lit the entire spot, it makes a grand view. Visiting the fountain in the fresh morning sun is also equally rewarding. The surrounding area is also famous for nightlife and shopping and you should not come back without trying some Italian delicacies in the restaurants close to Via Veneto. If you are ice cream lover go up the hill from Trevi fountain and there is Il Gelato Di San Crispino, it is famous for one of the best ice cream in the city.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Rome to enjoy its entire splendor to the fullest is either summer or spring, but the only drawback is being the most popular season for vacationers you should expect to feel the crowd all around or to put it more practically stand in cues in many tourist spots or popular dining areas. August is officially the time for summer vacation in Rome and also it is the busiest season in the year for travel. Spring is also popular for fantastic weather though compared to summer is relatively calmer in respect of tourist inflow. If you have other places of Italy or Western Europe in your tour itinerary, spring particularly late March to April can be the best time to visit.

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