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Turin is located in Piedmont region in Italy. The city is known as an industrial city but actually, it is a lot more than that. It is a sparkling city with joy and fun especially at nights. There is a curiosity amongst art lovers that can be served well only in Turin.

With the ancient Egypt expressing the art and histories that can thrill the minds, Turin can fulfil the quest of art hunters and art lovers. Turin also offers many other places such as villas, forts, castles that are essentially part of Egyptian culture and art. Being a beautiful city in night, it hosts many concerts of music, drama, dance and all such live performances along with sports.

Attraction of Turin


Turin has 40 museums each one having numerous artistic valuables that can attract everyone whether they understand art or not. The most famous Egyptian Museum in Italy is the one in Turin: it has a large amount of Egyptian collections that cannot be seen anywhere else except Egypt. In Turin you will also find the famous Museo Nazionale del Cinema that is to say the National Museum of Cinema fitted out inside the famous Mole Antonelliana.

With our holiday package to Turin, you get the opportunity to explore many worlds famous churches. The Museum of oriental art contains famous Asian arts while Galleria d’Arte Moderna can be visited if you are interested in modern art. Casa Fenoglio is a famous historical building expressing the beauty and expertise of Turin’s designers.

Food, Life and culture


Turin’s classic dishes that offer unique taste. Risotto is a dish made with rice and many other ingredients such as mushrooms, onions, vegetables etc. Chocolate represents one of the most typical products of Turin. The typical dish of pasta known as agnolotti is famous and different from a regular pasta. Bagna Cauda’ is a sauce that is made in Turin. The dish is served in a manner similar to the French Fondue.

People from Turin are experts in designs and created world famous designs. They love ancient art and modern art with same passion.

Piazza Della Repubblica has the largest open market in the whole Europe. Shopping in Turin can also give you a unique experience.

Explore The Best of Turin

Turin is a royal city built for the royal house of Savoy. Hence, many palaces and royal heritages make Turin valuable. One of the best attractions of Turin is the royal palace.

With our Holiday Package of Turin you will be able to explore and discover many aspects of the city.

Turin is world famous for its dramas and music concerts. Turin is simply a great combination of history and future. Turin is a royal city and it will remain the same forever.

Travel Turin with Top Travel

We at Top Travel have organised tours to Turin for several years and to other Italian cities. Italy is a country to explore more and more. The more you know about it, the more you appreciate it.

Top Travel offers a good range of holiday packages to Turin. Considering the safety and ease of our clients, and having an experience of many tours to Turin, we understand the needs of clients well. Our team is expert in organising your Turin holidays and let you enjoy each moment of the trip. We are explorers who try to search new places and keep on learning the importance of these places so we can include various priceless moments in your trip and help you enjoy them in your own way.

What do we offer?

Top travels offer you the easiest and safe travelling with tours to Turin and other cities of Italy. Our Holiday Package to Turin offers you the best accommodations in Turin. There are many hotels, hostels and B&B. We offer you the best accommodations that suit your needs. Depending upon the number of members, purpose of travelling, budget and duration of tours to Turin, we provide the best holiday package.

Turin holidays can be awesome with our expertise as we cover many places and sightseeings in holiday package to Turin.

Our Holiday Package to Turin offers you miscellaneous services that you may find difficult to search on your own. We also arrange for your safety travel insurance.

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  • Places to visit in Turin

Services we offer in


Turin has many hotels and B&B. We provide you the best services with our partners in Turin that will make your stay easy and comfortable. We work with different kind of accommodations and provide you a good selection. This would save your time and cost, and help you finding trusted places where you get all facilities and sleep without any problems.


We are associated with good airlines that provide fine services and charge reasonably. Giving you the best choice, we help you arrange for the airlines and also the related services such as airport formalities. While travelling through air, airport formalities are crucial and time consuming. We assist you in that arrange for return journey too. You may find it easy to book the air tickets with us rather going at your own. We always consider the need of clients and hence, our list of airlines includes only good ones. You can get relief from lots of booking troubles as we are here.

Car Rentals

It is really a tough thing to travel in public transportation. The real joy of Turin holidays lie in travelling through private vehicle enjoying the ways otherwise the tours to Turin become just travelling in Turin. We provide car rental services in Turin that are added in our holiday package to Turin. You may find it relaxing to have a private vehicle at reasonable cost otherwise the unknown place may cheat you. Our car rental services are qualitative and you will enjoy your Turin holidays.


Travel insurance is a safety premium to your Turin Holidays. We offer travel insurance while you take our holiday package to Turin. Though we provide you best services and full assistance, we still are always worried about your safety. Hence, we always suggest you travel insurance. It helps you be safe abroad even if we fail in our services or anything undesired happens. Travel insurance always becomes a key to safety in the tours of any country.

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