Basilica Di Superga

The much used proverb that ‘a city is best known through its architectural marvels’ is not so much applicable to anywhere in the world as it is in Italy and like all major tourist attractions and cities of Italy the architectural splendors and great heritage that you would come across your tour to Turin is no exception.


Basilica Di Superga is the most impressive church with an astounding history stranded into its baroque domes and columns and so is a must see place for the tourists coming to this beautiful northern Italian city. Turin is known for its typical aristocratic atmosphere with old fashioned yet gorgeous shops, lush green parks and grand palaces. Considering all about the sophisticated living that this prosperous and aristocratic city offers the unmistakable charm lies in its places of heritage and historical landmarks as in all other major Italian cities. Your cherished Turin holidays cannot just do anything without these sparkling reminiscences of history, Basilica Di Superga is just one of the most glittering point in that long lineage.

History that is reminiscent of royal lineage


Situated in the close vicinity of the main city of Turin Basilica Di Superga is a church with great historical lineage and reminiscences that date back close to four centuries and its architecture is regarded for its late baroque classical brilliance. At the top of the hill of Superga this stupendous church was built by famous architect Filippo Juvara. The construction took place from 1717 to 1731. It is said that this basilica was planned built as for fulfilling the vow made to the duke during the famous Battle of Turin. It is said to have many architectural allusions to earlier baroque styled splendors belonging to other royal persons of the house of Savoy. Many tombs made in the name of Savoy family are a sure proof of that lineage.

The architectural splendor


The enormous architecture of Basilica Di Superga is considered to be a great example of late baroque classicism in architecture and for the seasoned appreciators of heritage artworks and architectural brilliance many aspects within this huge premise must provide an allusion to some great work of art elsewhere in public exposure. The main dome of the basilica which was completed in 1726 makes a surprising yet appreciated resemblance to the famous Michelangelo’s dome at St. Peter’s Basilica. Though this resemblance has been the subject of much discussion and debate among the enthusiasts and critics of art and architecture as per the true historical accounts this resemblance was for the large part merely coincidental in nature and architect must not be deprived of his imaginative brilliance in shaping that beautiful dome. The huge dome just above the dominating Pantheon like structure over the hill really deserves respect and admiration and in a sunny morning in your Turin holidays unknowingly you can feel too much contented with the view of this marvelous splendor upon a hill. From the large square close to this basilica you can enjoy a wide angle shimmering view of the city to make a lasting impression of your tour to Turin and this historical place.

Inside there are two main chapels and four secondary chapels made in late baroque style. Besides the statue of Madonna in the main chapel you can be mesmerized with the baroque classical taste at work within this huge stone edifice. A tunnel leading to the central chapel is all set to quench your thirst for artistic magnificence with an array of marble statues and other brilliant works of sculpture by artists of historical importance Ignazio and Filippo Collino.

How to reach

To reach Basilica Di Superga from the heart of the city of Turin, the best possible way is to reach Piazza Gustavo Modena from where you can board the Superga rack tramway. You can also go up to the hill and basilica by road that stretches all the way from heart of Turin to the top of the hill. There is no entrance fee for the tourists to get into this church, though you must check out the seasonal timings as per your tour itinerary.

Best time to visit

For a tour to Turin or for any other Italian cities in the prominent travel map August or more precisely mid August to September is the most preferred time as that is officially the Italian summer, but if you want to experience the historical marvels and artistic splendors of Italy in cool seclusion or unrushed pace then choosing a time other than the peak season can be preferable. Though April-May is also popular to great number of tourists you can at least say them much quieter than the peak season months yet magnificent with equally sunny weather and soft breeze.

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