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The world is enchanted by the mystery and beauty of the ancient Egypt. The ancient and unique culture that flourished in the Nile valley thousands of years ago had left behind its intriguing memories in the forms of statues, artifacts, mummies, pyramids ,temples ,hieroglyphics and its gods and goddesses carved in stone. Naturally the greatest collection of such artifacts is in the present capital of Egypt, Cairo. The second largest collection of Egyptian artifacts can be found in the city of Turin, in the famous Museo Egizio.


Museo Egizio is the first of its kind, a museum dedicated to Egyptian archeology and anthropology and consequently an indispensable stop in your tour to Turin. This has been possible due to the art collection of the Savoys, the erstwhile ruler of Turin, who amassed such exquisite works from different corners of the world. So if you are planning a trip to Italy and eventually to Turin, you can expect to be immensely charmed with this unique museum to savor the taste of Egypt just in a Turin holiday.

The exhibits of Museo Egizio


After Cairo Museum, Museo Egizio of Turin is second largest collection of Egyptian artifacts collected by the Savoys and others obtained from the numerous expeditions in the early part of the twentieth century. There are about 30,000 objects exhibited and well preserved which includes The Rock temple of Ellesyia, built in 15th century B.C and gifted by the Egyptian government to Italy as an acknowledgement of the latter’s effort to conserve Aswan Dam. The other two huge rooms contain the two statues of Sphinxes and richly painted statues of Ramses II. On the first floor we find mummies, funerary objects and a Papyrus “Book of the Dead”. But the most intriguing exhibit is perhaps the utensils, weapons and objects of everyday use which gives an idea of the life and time of ancient Egypt. In roaming around the enchanting world full of ancient crafts you eventually begin to feel grateful to come here as part of your tour to Turin.


Another added attraction in the same building is Galleria Sabauda above the Egyptian collection. It has a collection of European paintings, mostly collected by the Savoy’s who were great collectors of art and culture. The exhibits of Flemish and Dutch paintings deserve a special mention here. Great masters like Rembrandt; Van Dyke occupies a place of honor with their masterpieces. Important paintings include Flemish masterpieces like Stigmata of St.Francis and Hans Memling’s Passion of Christ. Italian artists hailing from Piedmont art well documented here.

Important things to know


Museo Egizio remains open from Tuesday to Sunday, 8.30 am to 7.30pm. The gallery remains open from Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 2pm: Wednesday and Thursday 2pm to 7.30pm. Bus services are available. Bus no 4,13,18,55 or 66 would take you there. An admission fee is charged -7.5 euro for adults above 25 years and 3.50 euro for visitors of age between 18 and 25. No admission fees are required for children below 18 years and senior citizens above 65 years.

Best time to visit


The Italian summer is famous all over the world for its pleasant weather, clear sky and brisk air. Officially the month of August is the middle of summer. To enjoy the historical splendors during your Turin holiday or other holiday destinations, you should avoid high season, especially if you want to enjoy the peace and beauty of each place. During summer you may find a huge rush of tourists and you may need to stand in a queue for many hours. To avoid the crowd, you should visit Italy during April and May.

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