Parco Del Valentino

A journey to a foreign country is not only about the savoring of its man-made marvels but to know, feel and revel its nature. The strange touch of this part of the world between alpine hills and sea, gazing at a tree you could not identify, even the grasses may seem strangely afresh once you are in a country of famous Mediterranean climate. But that newness and that strangeness that one encounter in such places touches us in deep and reminds us of the immense diversity the nature is capable of. Parco Del Valentino is a natural park amidst the city of Turin, the green acres and the lungs of the city. Besides the natural wonder there are many places of attraction for the tourists like the medieval village with its fortress. So if you are planning a tour to Turin and a few quiet days in this exotic city is part of your itinerary, then don’t forget to pay a visit to this park and revel in its natural beauty and various natural attractions.




It was opened by the city of Turin 1856 and it is Italy’s first public garden. It is the second largest park in the city of Turin.




The pristine beauty of nature where peace and quiet reigns is the main attraction of the park. A walk along the winding path of the park is an experience quite akin to the meditative brooding of the diversity of nature. If you visit during summer you will find trees in full blossom while during autumn you will find the road paved with golden brown leaves. Situated on the bank of Po River and stretching up to the hills, this 500,000 sq meter open area has other attractions as well. There is a medieval village in the park and a fortress designed after the medieval period. This is the main attraction where you get a feel of medieval culture and customs and imagine for a while to be in a medieval life. There is also a castle to be seen To spend a quiet afternoon in your Turin holiday nothing can match the tranquility amidst nature that this park offers.

Best Time to Visit


The season of summer injects life into the soil and the trees of Parco Del Valentino are seen in full blossom. The month of August is officially the season of summer and the greatest rush of tourists are observed near about this time. If you want to avoid the rush and the crowd you can also opt for a tour to Turin in the month of April-May .The weather remains equally fine and you can savor the Mediterranean nature at its best.

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