Royal Palace of Turin

The Royal Palace of Turin is an irreplaceable stop in the itinerary of a tour to Turin. Situated in Northern Turin, it is the house of Savoys the ruler who built it as their seat of power. The grandeur and elegance of the royal palace reminds us about the French connection of the Savoys as it was designed by the French born Madame Reale Christine Marie of France (1606-1663) in the latter half of the seventeenth century. Madame Reale modernized the building and imparted it with a distinctive French touch. As one moves around this imposing structure, one gets the idea of various schools of artists who worked together to make it the enduring symbol of power of the Savoys. The palace contains, including other things, one of the best armories of Europe where various indigenous arms are displayed for the onlooker to get an idea of the military prowess of the erstwhile ruler of Turin. Like many places in Italy military prowess and grandeur of historical era would be an unmistakable accompany once you come here as part of your Turin holiday.




The site of the Royal Palace of Turin was once part of the Bishop’s palace. Due to the strategic location of the spot, Emmanuel Philibert, the duke of Savoy began to build the palace and it was expanded and restored by the subsequent generation of rulers. The duke chose this spot as he was able to monitor the two entrances to the city, namely the Palatine and Pretoria gate. Hence the Duke of Savoy made it the seat of power from where he ruled and he continued to expand the building to include the ever expanding collection of artworks, animals and other things which the royalty wanted to exhibit. The grand Duke Emmanuel Philibert died in 1580 and he was succeeded by his son Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of Savoy. The duke constructed a ring of porches which was topped off by an open gallery.

During the reign of Victor Amadeus II the Daniel gallery was created which was famous for their mural done by the artist Daniel Seiter the Chapel of the Holy Shroud was constructed was added to the main structure. Likewise the grand buildings with its rich collection of artifacts are constantly added on the generation of rulers and in 1946 the building was taken over by the republic of Italy who named it the museum of the life and works of Savoys. This long historical lineage of the palace is what made it to be a must see destination in your tour to Turin.

Attractions of the Palace


Here in this Royal Palace of Turin you will find the greatest array of historical crafts and armory in the entire time you spent for your cherished Turin holiday. Each and every room of the palace is richly decorated with some of them containing elegant tapestries and a rare collection of Chinese and Japanese vases. The royal armory was also famous throwing light on the arms used in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. There is a famous staircase called Scale dell Formica built by Filippo Juvarra. The spiral dome of the chapel of Holy Shroud was built at the west wing of the palace and it contains the famous Shroud of Turin which had been in the possession of the Savoys since the fifteenth century. The royal gates of the palace are depicted with a golden Medusa symbol which is supposed to fend off the intruders. A huge staircase was built by Domenico Ferri will take you to the first floor where the tour begins. There you find the famous painting like Fasts of the Saxon Descent of Vittichindo or Emanuele Filiberto in the battle of San Quintino. Other attractions include the gallery of Holy Shroud, the staircase of Scissors among many others.

Important facts to know


The museum remains open from 8.30 am to 7.30 pm. The tickets are priced as nominal.

Best time to visit

The month of August being the peak season of the tourist influx, the best time for a tour to Turin is perhaps in the month of April-May when you can revel in the scenic beauty and the grand buildings of Turin in a sunny weather.

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