Tours to Venice, a City of Natural beauty, Architecture and Art Treasures

The name Venice itself brings so many pictures and stories in front of you. Moreover, if you want to explore this city, and are thinking of Venice Holidays then, it is important that you know what to expect from your Tours to Venice.

Historically, the city has been of great eminence has contributed immensely to the cultural and social development and evolution of Italy. It is a common belief that Saint Mark founded the city during 421 AD on 25th April.

For around 1400 years, the shallow waters of Venice that stretched across Venice separated the city from the main part of Italy. Nevertheless, this separation had also kept the city away from the invaders and the disturbing political life of Italy.

Thus, Venice remained untouched by the feudalism, Pope, imperialism warfare and territorial squabbles. The city on its own began to extend its ties with the Eastern markets of Constantinople and Levantine and thus, the grand empire of trade of the Venetian Republic began. Lot of changes took place as the city expanded towards Friuli, Veneto and the Lombard cities of Bergamo and Brescia. In the 14th century, the city became a part of Italy.

Beautifully placed Venezia


Venice in Italian is “Venezia” and is the capital of Vento Veneto. It is also known by the name of ‘Queen of the Adriatic’ as it is abundant with natural beauty, architecture and art treasures. When you look at the city from the sky-view, you will feel that there is a big city below, which is floating. Located to the northern tip of Adriatic Sea, Venice is surrounded by lagoons and is composed of 118 islands that are built on the pilings of wood.

In Venice 160 canals provide the transportation within the city. Venice is the only city in the world where there are no streets. There are only narrow passageways through which you can walk. The canals together are connected with more than 400 bridges mostly arch shaped allowing the boats to pass easily. In the past, Gondolas were used as means of transpor but nowadays, you can also use powerboats, which serve as taxis and buses.

Venice municipality consists of the mainland and the lagoon. The mainland the residential suburb of Mestre, the residential suburb, Venice airport and Marghera. Venice is connected to the mainland by a 4 km bridge.

Culture and society in Venice

Venetians love stylish life and both men as well as women are highly conscious about their looks. They pay good amount of attention to their appearance and for every occasion – celebration or tradition they have something to wear special. The most important event is passeggiata that is an evening leisurely stroll for which men and women alike take efforts to dress up.

Beliefs and faiths in Venice

The ancient Romans believed in dozens of different gods and goddesses including Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Juno and so on. However, in the 4th century AD after the Emperor Constantine discovered Italy as a Christian nation, the whole of Italy including Venice began to follow Roman Catholicism. Along with Venice, all the cities of Italy have modern and ancient architectural types of churches scattered all over. Apart from Christians, non-Catholic Christians and Islam followers are also increasing in Venice.

Eating out in Venice


In Venice, the main meal is mostly lunch, which is followed generally by short siesta. Due to the introduction of anti-smoking laws, you do not see anyone smoking in public places like bars and restaurants. Some of the dishes that you should definitely not miss during your Tours to Venice are Sarde in Saor, Risi e bisi, Caparossoi a scota deo, pasta e fagioli and more.

If you are a food lover and you wish to explore new tastes, you should try some sumptuous variety of drinks and cuisine on the Venetian Riviera. The local specialities are a boiled maize dish known as Polenta, Tiramisu and Campari and water with Prosecco as accompaniment. The village of Cortellazzo known as “fishing village” that dishes out some yummy pizzas and awesome seafood as well.

The hotel and restaurant bills always include service charge. However, you can decide whether to tip the waiters and the lingering hotel staff depending upon your experience while enjoying your holiday package to Venice.

Shopping in Venice

No trip is complete without shopping. If you are on holiday to Venice, a small memorabilia is a must. To start with, you can go along the main shopping streets of the Lido di Jesolo. The Via Bafile and other shops here provide you the best and latest in fashion. A much larger market opens up only on Fridays in Jesolo Paese. Therefore, if you are going to be in Venice on Friday then, this should be topmost on your shopping priority list. Some other centres are in Mestre and San Dona’. For designer label shops and local wines like Valpolicella, you must visit Verona.

Scintillating nights

Venice offers immense variety in clubs and bars mostly around Lido di Jesolo most of which are open until the wee hours of morning. Casino is located near the airport, a bit away from the city but reachable by taxi.

Places of interest in Venice

For many tourists shopping and eating local cuisines is just part of being on tour to foreign land. They are more interested in exploring the places and attractions around.

St. Mark’s Square

The largest and the centrally located square of the city, St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) is one of the greatest attractions of Venice. The place has Doge’s Palace located on one side and Mark’s Basilica on the other. Historic, arcaded buildings having shops and cafes on the ground floor cover its three sides.

Doge’s Palace and Campanile

The Doge’s Palace adjoining it has been built around 14th to 15th century from white and pink marble and has been constructed in Gothic style. The St. Mark’s Square is situated overlooking the basilica entrance where the replicas of the four bronze giant horses of Constantinople are kept. A bell tower or campanile of 325 foot is also a part of the square.

The Grand Canal

The 3 km long Grand Canal is Venice’s thoroughfare. The canals run all through the city and connect with the railway station and the Mark’s square. Rialto-Bridge built in 16th century is midway to the canal and is considered the major landmarks of the city. The city’s market is settled around this area. Many impressing buildings and hundreds of palaces line up the Grand Canal line. One of the most famous of them is the Ca’d’Oro or Golden House that is now an important part of Franchetti Gallery.

Art Galleries and collections

Our Tours to Venice take you on the lines of the Grand Canal. The Accademia Gallery is located here. It is home to the largest art collections in Venice. Some of the noted works displayed here are the paintings by masters like Giorgione, Giovanni Bellini, Tintoretto, Titian and Veronese.

Some other attractions in Venice

To the eastern side of the sandy island of Venice are the lagoons where Lido, the most famous seaside resort is located. It is known for its fashionable numerous hotels and gambling casino. If you are an avid film lover then, you should arrange your Venice tours during the month of August and September when International Film Festival is held at Lido every year. This place is a must-visit. The other islands include Burano that is famous for handmade lace and Murano known for its glass museum.

Reaching Venice

The time taken for reaching Venice will entirely depend upon the transport you choose. If you are using a car, you can use the various highways including A4, A 27, A13, SS14, SS13 and SS11. The easiest way is the train. The railway stations are equipped with disabled people services. You can either stop at Mestre railway station or go directly up to Venice Railway station Santa Lucia. You can reach Marco Polo Venice airport or Sant’ Angelo Airport in Treviso by plane. From Marco Polo you can reach Venice by bus or water taxi. There is a regular shuttle service from Venice to Mestre and return.

Accommodation options in the city

Staying at Venice is indeed expensive but if you can afford to indulge in a little extravaganza, you can opt for Gritti Palace, Hotel Bauer or the Hotel Danieli which provide first class service at high prices. Booking in advance is the best thing though! These hotels have been chosen by many famous actors and politicians for their stay in Venice.

During your Venetian Holidays you can opt for budget hotels, B&B or youth hostels. Marghera or Mestre provide you better affordable accommodation options. They are not very far from the city of Venice.

Enjoying Venice tours with us

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