Biblioteca Marciana

Bibliotecca Marciana or Bibliotecca Nazionale Marciana is a historically important Library in Venice famous for its grand collections of some of the earliest manuscripts of western canon. This gigantic renaissance building at the center of Venice just beside the St Mark’s square is also one of the most frequented tourist attractions for travelers in their Venice tour. This grand edifice apart from its rich reserve of a historically important collection of manuscripts also showcases a great array of Renaissance period artistic architectural décor and stylizations. Some great renaissance paintings and fresco works inside the building added to its historical significance.




The building of the architecture began in the first half of the sixteenth century, but the illustrious fresco works and décor took another 50 years to complete. The library collection begun long before the building was constructed. The ancient and medieval manuscript collection of the famous scholar and patron Cardinal Bessarion was the first significant collection of the library that in the subsequent time only grew and today it is one of the few libraries in the whole of Europe with such a historically significant collection of manuscripts.

What To See

Besides the historical importance of Bibliotecca Marciana as Venice’s richest reservoir of wisdom, this grand edifice is also home to some of the most astounding artistic marvels and an array of architectural delights. The main room of the building has a magnificent ceiling with rows of medallion shaped paintings. All of these paintings were creations of many Renaissance period artists who produced them as part of an art competition. Some great works of art by relatively little known Renaissance painters adores the walls and ceiling of the main room of Bibliotecca Marciana. In the anteroom you will find a great collection of classical statues and the ceiling is adored by a famous painting titled as ‘Wisdom’ by the Renaissance master Titian. Another must see attraction is a famous world map of Fra Mauro, a live testimony of the geographical and scientific knowledge of medieval Venice. This huge reserve full of enthralling artworks and historic objects made it to be one of the most popular attractions for people in their long cherished Venice holidays.


Bibliotecca Marciana is at the city’s historic center just beside the St Mark’s Square which remains at the heart of the city’s life and culture.

Timing and Tickets

From Monday to Thursday only visitors are allowed who previously booked their tickets either online or through telephone. For others Friday, Saturday and Sunday the museum is available for visit except for the last Sunday of the month when it remains closed. The timing of the entrance is scheduled for the visitors as 10 am, 12 am and 2 pm. Ticket for the museum is priced at E 13 per person. You can visit the library as well from 8.10 am to 7.00 pm on weekdays and on Saturday from 8.10 am to 1.30 pm. Consultation help for the bibliography section is available in the library.

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