Burano, the vibrantly colorful island of lace, is beautifully tucked away in the Venetian Lagoon, Northern Italy. A mesmerizing archipelago of four islands connected by bridges, it is renowned for its exquisitely colorful homes and enchanting lacework. It is the home of some of the most popular Venetian artists such as Remigio Barbaro and Baldassare Galuppi, and the inspirer of Arte Buranella.


The Stunning Colors of Burano


Stay intrigued by the sheer charm and exuberance of glorious colors that adorn the houses here amidst sparkling green waters of the channels; discover the tranquility and passion, with which the elderly women embroider with tombolo; indulge into the architectural efficacy and magnificence of the Oblique Bell Tower – a paradise to make your tour to Venice most exquisite and memorable. Entwine the charm and vibrancy of bright colors, exquisitely adorning the island in the most impressive manner. The colors of Burano will simply mesmerize you and take you to the world of elegance and beauty.

What to Do in Burano?


As you step ashore on the island, you will be welcomed in warm embrace by the exquisitely landscaped lawn where the solemn structure of Remigio Barbaro stands tall, narrating the rich art and cultural efficacy of Burano. Take a stroll to the Galuppi Square where neighborly ladies will invite you to their stores to admire their work of lace. As a quick refreshment and treat to your tongue, there is plenty of “trattorie Buranelle” here where you can savor upon fresh and delicious fish delicacies. A scoop of ice-cream in the bar or perhaps the typical sweet dish of Burano in a pastry shop would be most ideal.

Walk till the end of Piazza Galuppi, where the majestic San Martino Bishop’s Church is located to steal your heart. Explore inside and you can witness abundant important works such as the opera of Gian Battista Tiepolo. You can also take a visit to the Santa Barbara’s Chapel by the sideways. A must visit here is the Museo Del Merletto or the Lace Museum, the Town Hall, the sculpture of Baldassare Galuppi made by Remigio Barbaro and a well constructed from Istria’s stone. A destination for shopping extravaganza, grab some Murano glass products, local souvenirs and Venetian masks at a cheap price here.

How to Reach Burano


Burano is ideally situated 11 km northeastern far from Venice. It is connected via Canale Bisatto – Canale Carbonera – Scomenzera San Giacomo trail. It takes 45 minutes to reach Burano from Venice via boat. The island is also easily accessible from Punta Sabbioni and Treporti via Vaporetti, or waterbus from Venice.

Make your Venice holiday most enchanting and memorable visiting the colorful Burano Island, steeped into a rich culture of artistic lacework and brightly colorful houses, busy streets and shopping delights to make your tour most worthwhile.

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