Ca d’Oro

Ca d’Oro in Italian refers to ‘golden house’ alluding to its former glory as one of the most astounding art décor architecture in the old Venice on the Grand Canal, the city’s main water line. The guilt and polychrome decorations once used to adore this great edifice which is one of the oldest city palaces in Venice. The decorative balconies with multiple arches give this building an unmatched splendor. Now this once famous palace is open to the public as an art gallery housing some exquisite artworks of famous renaissance artists. With its rich architectural marvels and art collections it is one of the top attractions for travelers on their Venice tour.



The palace was built in the first half of the fifteenth century by the Contarini Family who produced many rulers of Venice, traditionally named as doges. Like many great architectural heritages and palaces Ca d’Oro also faced the same troubled fate as it changed several hands of ownership after the fall of the Venetian Republic way back in 1797. As the last ownership and subsequent rich patronage of the great barone Giorgio Franchetti returned the palace some of its lost glory as he built an important art collection in this palace. In 1916 the Franchetti handed over the palace to the Italian government and from then it is open to the public as one of the important art galleries of Venice.

What To See

Before the art museum what attracts most tourists to this towering palace on the Grand Canal as an irreplaceable attraction on their Venice vacation is the architectural maneuver that depicts Venetian floral and Gothic style in their full splendor. Among the array of baroque architectures in the city just on either sides of the canal this splendid palace demands special attention for its typical linear style, a quintessentially Venetian attribute. It incorporated many aspects of byzantine architecture, Moorish designs in its splendidly decorated arched balconies and facades. Thanks to the splendor it offers to the onlookers Ca d’Or is one of the most photographed buildings in Venice.

Art Collection

Ca d’Or is presently one of the top art galleries in Venice with a splendid range of artworks from Renaissance period masters. Some of the famous artists whose works are exhibited here include Titian, Tintoretto, Carpaccio, Tiepolo, Giorgione, Alvise Vivarini and many others. Apart from the great Venetian artists there are also some works of Dutch painters like Van Dyck, Van Eyck, etc. Some wonderful bronze and renaissance period statues are additional attractions of this museum.


It is located in the old Venice on the Grand Canal just on the north of Realto Bridge and can be conveniently accessed from any city center and other prominent parts.

Timing and Tickets

On Tuesday to Saturday the museum remains open from 8.15 am to 7.15 am. On Sunday it remains open from 10 am to 6 pm and on Monday it remains open only from 8.15 am to The ticket to the museum is priced at E 5.50 for adults and E 3 for children less than 14 years of age and students below the age of 30.

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