Doge’s Palace

During your tour to Venice, the magnificent city of Italy, don’t miss to explore the unmatched beauty and architectural efficacy of two most important buildings – Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Campanile. Standing as an epitome of rich cultural heritage and royal exuberance, the buildings are a delight of St. Mark’s Square, one of the most exquisite and largest squares in Venice. A must-visit on your Venice holiday:, take back home memories of sheer elegance, charm and beauty that artistically encloses two of the most integral buildings in the city. Let’s discover Venice with Doge’s Palace and Campanile!!


Doge’s Palace, Venice


The Doge’s Palace, beautifully nestled amidst the exquisite St. Mark’s Square, was once the center of power, which ruled the Venetian Republic. The grand palace, designed by Filippo Calendario, was built to befit the power and wealth that the city was acclaiming during the 14th century. After the death of Calendario, the building was built in two phases – the eastern phase was built during 1301 and 1340 whereas the western phase was completed in 1450. The architectural efficacy of the building exudes a Venetian Gothic charm that will simply melt your heart.


A unique highlight of the Doge’s Palace is its openness, which is a testament of the power and wealth of the city during that period. Stunning ornamentation, representing biblical and historical scenes, beautifully adorn the palace. Inside, the ceiling exemplify spectacular work of art whereas the walls are built of stucco. The Doge’s private quarters are flanked by magnificent statues of Neptune and Mars. To reach this magnificent palace, you can access by bus or by Vaporetto from Piazzale Roma, Lido di Venezia, and Santa Lucia Railway Station. It is open 7 days a week from 8.30 am onwards.

St. Marks Campanile


Needless to say, the breathetaking bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica is among the most prominent landmarks in Venice, and of course, a destination worth visiting. After the original tower collapsed in 1902, the current building was reconstructed in early 20th century. It is situated in St. Mark’s Square, one of the largest and most renowned squares in Venice. Construction of the first tower dates back to the year 900, followed by which it was reconstructed several times, after the final restoration in the 20th century following a devastating earthquake.


The Campanile stands proud at 98.6 meters, situated in front of the Basilica. Typically, the building is a plain bricked structure that is topped by arched belfry housing five bells. At the top of the belfry, there is another brick section that is ornamented with the Goddess of Justice and walking lions that represent Venice. Atop the bell tower is a pyramidal spire that hosts a golden weather vane in the form of Angel Gabriel. There is also an observatory that will make your tour to Venice most worthwhile. The tower is located on St. Mark’s Square and has accessibility via buses or Vaporetti from Piazzale Roma, Lido di Venezia, and Santa Lucia Railway Station.

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