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Palazzo Grassi is a Venetian classical architecture on the Grand Canal of Venice and famous for its art museum and contemporary art exhibitions. This gracious huge architectural edifice on the lifeline canal of the city is long regarded as the cultural and artistic center of the city and a must see tourist attraction on your Venice tour itinerary. Among the array of great heritage marvel on the Grand Canal – mostly of Byzantine Romanesque and Renaissance Baroque tradition, this beautiful building is the newest and is built in an academic classical style in contrast to other marvels on the canal.

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The palace was built after the fall of the Venetian republic in 1797. This gigantic palace was the residence of the Grassi family who sold it in the nineteenth century and thereafter the ownership passed through many hands until it was purchased by the then Fiat group chairman Mr. Gianni Agnelli in 1983. The building went a complete restoration under him and it became an art museum and a venue for modern art exhibition. In 2006 the palace again had a change of ownership and this time it was purchased by French business tycoon Francois Pinault who transformed part of the palace as a museum showcasing his private art collection. It is said that much of the glory pertaining to Palazzo Grassi was restored after Pinult took over the palace and opened his private art collection to visitors.

What To See

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The lighted palace of Palazzo Grassi when seen at dusk from the dark backdrop of the Grand Canal is really a sight to behold. This grand classical architecture has many charms to offer when you step inside, but even from afar it looks marvelous, especially in the twilight over the Grand Canal. The palace interior offers many architectural splendors for the connoisseurs of artistic dimensions in contemporary classical styles of architecture. The classical Rocco décor to postmodern backlit scrims, this fabulous palace is truly an example of meeting of two architectural traditions from different eras. The palace holds a part of the Pinault collection, the private art collection of the present owner of this palace is another attraction with many of the great artistic marvels from different eras. Outside the exhibition hall there is a 600 seat open theater. Before deciding on your itinerary for a Venice holiday try to book a ticket in an art exhibition or live show in the palace, because that is the best way to experience the treasure in a proper way.

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Tickets and Timing

The palace remains open everyday from 10 am to 7 pm except for the yearly holidays such as 24th and 25th December, 31st December and 1st January. Ticket priced at E 20 is valid for 3 consecutive days to visit both Palazzo Grassi and another palace on the other side Punta Della Dogona. For visiting any of them you are required to pay E 15 for a ticket.

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