Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco or St Mark’s Square is a huge public square in the center of Venice flaunted by several great heritage buildings surrounding it. For locals as well as for tourists on their Venice holidays this huge square is a common hang out place referred as Piazza. It is the perfect place for your casual stroll with huge historical architecture of Venice around and the sprawling square being extended up to the lagoon. For centuries it had served as the social, cultural as well as the political center of Venice.




A great history of Christian patronage, particularly that of the Greek Orthodox Church was behind the making of this fabulous city square. Greek saint Theodore was the first patron of the city who facilitated bringing the relics of Apostle St Mark. It happened way back in the ninth century and then in the subsequent time Venetians began to regard this Apostle as their sole patron that inspired them to build the church on the south side of the chapel that now exists at the side of square.

During the medieval period the whole place went through great many constructions of buildings. The famous clock tower of Piazza was installed in the fifteenth century. The square underwent again a range of reconstructions after Venice surrendered to Napoleon. The medieval heritage building of Procuraite Nuove was reconstructed to his taste as the new palace. As per historical accounts the Piazza was paved only in the 12th century with bricks and colored stones.

What To See


Piazza San Marco is the site for all open air religious and cultural ceremonies held in Venice. The beautiful architectures and heritage marvels all around like the Campanile, Basilica of San Marco, Doge’s Palace, etc. For a tourist a Venice tour must begin with this large square at the heart of the city with many of city’s prominent historic attractions all around. Campanile is the tallest tower in the city from above offers a great panoramic view of the city. It takes a light elevator journey to go to the top and enjoy the mesmerizing 360 degree view of the whole city. You may face a long cue for the elevator to go up the tower, so try to be there as early as 9.00 am. The lagoon at the south end with their picturesque cluster of parked gondolas is another beauty to revel at.

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