Teatro La Fenice

Teatro La Fenice is not only an iconic center that evokes the memory of famous operatic performances, but also regarded as one of the most distinguished theaters in Europe. The magnificence of its interior makes millions of tourists come here as part of their Venice tour itineraries. This heritage theater had been the famous site of many famous performances of yesteryears. Teatro La Fenice literally means theater of Phoenix referring to the mythical bird that rose from the ashes of destruction and thus alluding to the fact that this fabulous operatic house was built after a fire destroyed the theater that used to be in its place.




The long history of Teatro La Fenice reminds us that this opera house was destroyed a number of times and every time within a few years of reconstruction it again rose to its prominence and regained its glory as the cultural center of Venice. In 1774, the then theater house San Benedetto Theater was completely burned and in its place the construction of the new theater began in 1790 and completed in the year 1792. This new theater was named La Fenice naming after the mythical bird of Phoenix as the construction of the theater rose literally on the ashes of the previous opera house. Amazingly enough the theater was destroyed by fire another couple of times in the successive time, in 1836 and very recently on 1996, but every time it was returned to its gorgeous ambience, décor and magnificence interior. The reconstruction of the present theater started in 2001 following a 19th century design plan by famous architect Aldo Rossi and took a little less than 2 years for completion.

History of Great Performances

Teatro La Fenice is hailed to be the cradle of many historical operatic performances and is reason enough why travelers on their Venice holidays are so particular in visiting this place. From Rossini and Bellini in the eighteenth century to the Giuseppe Verdi’s long association with this theater and many of his premier shows, the theater boasts of many ever evanescent memories of operatic performances. Stravinsky, Britten Berio, Nuno, Bussotti and a great array of composers performed under the ethereal magnificence of Teatro La Fenice.

What To See?

This beautiful theater is a place to revel at the typical nineteenth century opera interior styles comprising a great array of lighted cabins surrounding the stage floor. In a well lit evening with a live performance you feel overwhelmed at the magnificence of the interior design, lighting and quintessentially a cultural ambience so specific to Italian opera. The best way to experience this theater in its originality and ambience is to come to a live performance while you are on your Venice tour. Tickets to performances can be bought online, book your tickets well before if you are planning to visit here.

Performance and Tickets

Theater and operatic performances are mainly held on weekends and in the evening. Booking a ticket beforehand is essential as you do not have any idea when it will be full. Two performances by famous composer sVerdi are scheduled on 30th and 31st of August, 2013. A category 3 ticket may cost you somewhere between E 150 to E 200.

How to Get There

Teatro La Fenice is in the San Marco locality of Venice and easily accessible from anywhere. From the southwest corner of the San Marco you need to take a right turn and then passing through Campo San Fantin you reach the destination.

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